Monday, August 3, 2009


Saturday was an adventure! We rented a sailboat with Chris and Lauren down by Alexandria, Virginia (basically, Washington D.C.). We sailed in the Potomac River, and it was so cool! Evan and I had never been sailing, and Chris and Lauren are pretty experienced, so we appreciated having them teach us everything. We caught on quite well! There was hardly any wind when we first started, but it definitely picked up. There were some scary moments, although I think I was the only one on the boat who was scared! When you hit a strong wind line and start to turn (an "attack" or "come about" - I can't remember all the terms!), the boat starts to tip...a lot. It makes me nervous just thinking about it! Evan loves water, so of course he was as excited as could be! All in all, it was a lot of fun!

After sailing, we decided to get some ice cream and found a great spot in the cutest little neighborhood in Alexandria. It was called Dairy Godmother's, and they served frozen custard and sorbet. I had warm peach cobbler with raspberry sorbet, and Evan had chocolate-chocolate chip frozen custard. To die for!

Once we got home, we were pooped. We had a late night on Friday, as we went out with some people in Evan's program. Plus, we were just tired from the week's activities. Our intention was to take a 30 minute nap...add on 3 more hours, and that's what we got! Yes, we took a nap from 6:30-10:00 on Saturday night. I'm not even sad to admit that...ok, maybe a little. But it did feel great!

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