Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baltimore Blizzard 2009

Above: Evan built an igloo for us!
Above: The next day - that's a lot of snow!

Above: Our apartment's courtyard - Saturday night.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Winter Weekend

So we've been hearing all week about this "blizzard" that was going to be hitting the East Coast this weekend. We really didn't know what to expect because we've heard that people out this way tend to freak out at even the slightest snow fall. Before we went to bed last night, we heard on the news that Baltimore expected to receive 20-30 inches of snow by Sunday morning...WHAT?!

We woke up this morning to a complete blizzard! The worst Baltimore has ever seen...and it's still coming down at 10:00 tonight! Today was great - we were lazy and watched TV and just enjoyed the day. We embraced the snow earlier tonight and headed out to our apartment's courtyard and had a little snowball fight with each other - so fun. Evan then had the idea to build an igloo...and he did! We both even fit in it! Don't worry - I took pictures, so be sure to look for those!

All of the airlines were closed today at BWI. We're hoping they can clean everything up by Monday night, as that is when we'll be flying out of here. We're very, VERY excited to get to Nebraska - and Evan will get to meet his nephew, finally!

I heard a rumor that Nebraska is expecting another snow storm...Tuesday and Wednesday? will definitely be a white Christmas! Stay warm!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10?

I cannot believe that today is already December 10! That means Luxon and I have been in Baltimore for almost 6 months (and married for 6 months!). Time is definitely flying by, and we are enjoying the holiday season in Baltimore. Last Thursday, we went to A Monumental Occassion - the official lighting of the Washington Monument, only 3 blocks from our apartment. There were roughly 4,000 people in attendance, and our mayor, Shelia Dixon (who was just found guilty by a jury last week for stealing gift cards that were supposed to be for the poor...) was the official lighter - woohoo! There was a fireworks display after the lighting - it was actually really fun to see. Later that night, we set up our first Christmas tree! It's only a 5-ft. tree, but it's perfect for our apartment! I'll be sure to post a picture of it soon!

We experienced the first snow out here in Baltimore last Saturday. It literally snowed ALL day...then was gone by Sunday morning! I hope everyone is keeping warm back in Nebraska - sounds like you've been experiencing a good ol' December blizzard.

Some of you may alread know, but I started a food blog: Ice Cream & Wine. The title represents two of my favorite things (as most of you know...). I plan on doing some MAJOR holiday baking this Saturday, so be on the look-out for those goodies!

We'll be coming home to Nebraska on December 21 and staying until January 4 - two whole weeks! We are very, VERY excited and hope to see as many friends and family as possible!

P.S. Christmas is only 2 weeks away! Happy Holidays!