Monday, February 22, 2010

So much exciting stuff....

Well, the snow from the Storm of the Century out here on the East Coast is finally melting. There are still big piles from where they had to plow, but the sidewalks are getting clear - woohoo!

A lot of exciting stuff has been happening these past few weeks for us. First, my last day at Urbanite was on Friday. I'm starting a new position (today!) with Federal Hill Main Street. I'll be focusing on marketing and promotions, which is what I'm extremely interested in. It's just an internship, so it'll be done in May. The reason I decided to switch from a full-time job to an internship is simple: we're only here until May and I really want to work in marketing and promotions. I'm hoping this position will help me land a job in that industry wherever we may move to this summer. Wish me luck!

Evan has a lot of exciting stuff going on - he'll be traveling to Cincinnati on Thursday to compete in a business plan competition. Throughout the semester, he'll be traveling a lot because his team has been getting into business plan competitions left and right! Joining Cincinnati on the list so far: Berkeley, Manitoba (yes, Canada!) and LINCOLN! That's right, we're coming to Lincoln in April - I've already made the executive decision that I'll be joining him! His team is also a semi-finalist for Tulane and Wharton Business School - so there's a chance he'll be going to those also!

We'll be sure to keep you updated on our travels to Nebraska in April!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Olympics!

First of all, we finally had a normal day today! I went back to work, and Evan's classes started back up. Some of the streets in Baltimore are still a mess - there's just nowhere to put snow when you're in the middle of a big city with narrow streets - yuck. The main roads are decent, so that's good. It's actually snowing right now - I'm not sure how much we're supposed to get. I'm just trying to ignore it...maybe it will go away!

Second, Happy Winter Olympic Games - woohoo! I love the Olympics. We watched the entire opening ceremonies - and the major fail that Canada experienced while lighting the cauldron. Oops! We've been watching the games every day, and plan on doing so until the end. It's just so exciting - we love it. 

It's crazy to think that once the Olympics get over, it will basically be March. I think I can hear warmer weather calling our's more a muffled sound, off in the distance...but it's there!

Hope you're all staying warm!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Phase 3 Emergency

Baltimore is now in a Phase 3 Emergency Plan. This states that only city-authorized vehicles are allowed on the streets. This means we can't even go outside and WALK down the street. The city has shut down! 

This is just pure madness - the local channels have been reporting this storm all day. I'm not even kidding when I say that no "regularly scheduled programming" was on the air today. News anchors were asking people to send them emails of what they're baking and cooking. I just had to laugh...

We haven't been outside to take pictures yet. The wind is blowing pretty hard - it's kind of a white-out. Hopefully it will clear up by tomorrow morning, so I can take some pictures!

Johns Hopkins already called off school for tomorrow - I have a feeling I'll be working from home again. That will be day #5 of that (it started last Friday!). 

We'll be sure to keep you all updated!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here comes another one...

It's been crazy here these past few days. The last blizzard hit us Friday night - luckily it stopped snowing by Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, Baltimore has no idea how to clean up streets, so the roads in the city are AWFUL. Johns Hopkins actually closed yesterday and called another snow day for today - Evan was pretty excited! I've been able to work from home yesterday and today, so that's been nice - thank goodness for the internet!

Here's some crazy new for you, though....another snow storm is on its way. A winter storm warning went into effect around noon today and will last until Wednesday at 7pm. The projected amount for this storm is 12-18 inches for Baltimore. However, I follow this website for weather: Foot's Forecast. He's a local science teacher (I think), and his predictions are almost always right. He's saying that 22 inches will be the right amount. Ahh! 

I'll be sure to post updates as soon as the snow starts to fall. Hope your week is going well!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another blizzard...

We're alive and trying to stay warm!

Ok, so when we first moved to Baltimore, we heard that the winters were pretty mild. Yes, we did have that big blizzard in December, but besides that, it's been very enjoyable. Mild temperatures and hardly any wind (and anyone who knows me, that's huge!). Well, we heard this past week that another blizzard was coming...seriously?! Again, we didn't know what to expect, as people tend to freak out at the smallest amount of precipitation out this way. The snow was predicted to fall starting on Friday...and on Thursday, schools were already declaring snow days for Friday. It was crazy. My work gave us the option to work from home on Friday, which I obviously took advantage of. I did have to stop at the grocery store on Friday, to get some food....normal food. I wasn't involved in any of that "panic purchasing" - buying huge amounts of toilet paper, 8 loaves of bread, 10 gallons of milk, etc. But believe me, there were a ton of crazies participating in that behavior. 

The snow started Friday afternoon and it really got us that night. We woke up to a winter wonderland yesterday morning! Chris, a friend of ours and who is in Evan's program, came over on Friday night and stayed until today! He's from Florida, so we enjoyed being able to experience this blizzard with him! Of course, him being here meant that Evan had a partner-in-crime for building igloos and playing in the snow - which of course they did!

The snow did cancel some plans that we had with my dad. He was supposed to fly into D.C. on Friday - which got postponed to Saturday - which got postponed to later tonight. We were going to meet him for lunch today down in D.C., but he's still not here. Bummer. We do get to see him in 2 months, when my parents come out for Easter - so yay!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the blizzard - I hear Nebraska is expecting some snow tomorrow - stay warm! We're supposed to get quite a few more inches on Tuesday - ugh!