Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Havana, a Film Festival & Wine

Evan has been fortunate enough to have time during the weekends to just relax and not worry about class work or hospital we always look forward to Fridays! Last Friday was no exception, and we had a great night enjoying time with friends. We had a few people over for drinks before heading to dinner at Little Havana, a bar/restaurant. Seafood was definitely the restaurant's forte, but of course I went with meat - still not so sure about things from the ocean! Evan's trying really hard to get me to like fish, and I did try his dinner, so that's progress! After Little Havana with the group, we went with Chris and Lauren to a film festival inside an art gallery. was an experience! Maybe I just don't "get" art, but the short films were odd and interesting. One included a middle-aged, half-naked man acting as a cow in his basement. Not sure why that's classified as art! We then found this great wine shop, bought a bottle and went back to our apartment. It was very relaxing and a great chance for us to get to know Chris and Lauren a little bit better!

That was just the beginning of our great weekend, though! More to come, including...drum roll...ICE CREAM. Yes, we found an ice cream place, so you can all stop worrying about me! :)

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