Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Year Older!

Yes, yes - today is my 23rd birthday. Holy moly! I can't even believe it. It's been a great birthday so far - and it's only 11:30! My boss actually has jury duty today, so technically I don't have to be at work. I'm here right now and will be here for a few hours - just to get some stuff done, so I'll feel somewhat productive today! I made some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip muffins last night, so I could wake up and enjoy a delicious breakfast on my birthday (I think Evan enjoyed them also!). Tonight Evan and I are going out to eat at The Capital Grille - a fancy shmancy restaurant by the harbor...we're really excited! I have half of my birthday dessert made - it's a peanut butter cream brownie torte - the brownie part is done, and I'll finish the rest of it this afternoon. So let's recap: oatmeal chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, a delicious dinner, and a decadent dessert. Yes, I'm clearly obsessed with food. One of my favorite (don't worry: I love EVERYTHING I've received so far!) gifts came from my sister. A vintage apron - it's so darn adorable. I'll be sure to take a picture wearing it - you'll agree!

Some other exciting news...I attended a Food Network taping on Tuesday. It was a "special show" featuring a neighborhood pie shop owner and his rock band. Well, well, well. I just wasn't buying this whole "special" idea. I KNEW (ok, the owner told me!) that it would more than likely turn into a throwdown with Bobby Flay....AND IT WAS! Oh me, oh my. I was at a throwdown. When Bobby came running out, I got chills. He was 2 feet from me!! I honestly can't put into words the emotions I was feeling. I watch the Food Network 24/7 - Evan can attest to this. I'm completely obsessed, and this was honestly a dream come true! "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" is on Wednesday nights at 9:00 (8:00 central) on FN. I'm not for sure when this episode will air, but if I find out, I'll be sure to let you all know!

And just when you thought I was done with exciting news: Evan and I leave for a little vacation on Tuesday. We're heading down to Florida to stay with a very close "couple friend" of ours. I've mentioned them on the blog before - Chris is in Evan's program, and his wife, Lauren, is in vet school down in Florida. They just bought a house down there a few months ago, so we're excited to see it and spend time with them!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

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